Bluebird Customer Service Issues

Since we reviewed the American Express Bluebird Card, we have received tons of emails and comments about issues card users are experiencing – primarily Bluebird Customer Service problems. Here is a list of the top complaints:

"Amex Bluebird Card"

“Bluebird Customer Service”

Unresponsive or unhelpful Bluebird Customer Service: The top complaint is that customer service is either unreachable or are not knowledgeable It seems American Express may have outsourced their customer service for the Bluebird Card. Worse, the hold time for customer service is long, with some reporting hold times as long as 30 minutes.

Direct Deposit Confusion: It is not clear what types of payments can be direct deposited onto the Bluebird Card. For example, some government checks cannot be direct deposited. The same applies to deposit from third party prepaid debit accounts. However, American Express has indicated that they will accept deposits from Vanilla Card but the instructions for this are not clear. Another issue with Direct Deposits is that it is taking a long time to appear on the card, with customer service unable to give a good indication of when the money will show up on the account.

Accounts Being Locked: Some customers are complaining that their accounts are being locked by Amex for “Security” reasons. This is either from multiple login attempts or suspicious transactions/use of the card. Either way, it is not a pleasant experience trying to get customer service to unlock the account.

Lack of Fee Clarity: Some customers are confused about how the activation fee works. If you register for the card online, there is no fee. If you pick up a “Registration Kit” from Walmart, which comes with a card that can be loaded immediately, then there is a $5 activation fee. If you want to avoid paying the fee, then you can register for the card online and wait for the new card to be mailed to you.



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9 comments on “Bluebird Customer Service Issues
  1. Simone says:

    This has been the WORST experience I have EVER, EVER, EVER experienced in my ENTIRE life!!!!! You all need to shut down AND CLOSE UP SHOP!!!! FOR REAL!!!

  2. chelle says:

    Paypal deposits work!

  3. William Dotson says:

    This is the biggest rip-off I know of. You absolutely cannot get a live fucking person on the phone. Now think about this……there is no email address available to contact customer service!!!!!!!!!! In the last 20 years, this is the only company I have ever tried to deal with who does not have a customer service email address. At least it is not posted anywhere you can find it. RIP-OFF SHIT SERVICE

  4. Christopher Newman says:

    Im having a great deal of difficulty activating my card and a family member tried to activate it for me but they used the wrong email address and would like help to get my card activated

  5. Mitch Briggs says:

    Yes, their customer service sucks. I sent money to pay a bill but made an error on the acct number and sent money to the wrong place. I was told it would take up to 45 days to “investigate” a payment that I sent incorrectly. All i did was mess up two of the numbers. I called the same day to tell them about it and they told me I had to wait 10 days for an update on the situation via email and maybe 45 days before I’d see my money again(it takes 3-4 days for the $ to show up wherever you send it). No one I spoke to was in the US and no one spoke English very clearly. I called in 5 or 6 times to speak to supervisors and try to escalate the situation and each of them told me “I will expedite this and you can call back in 2 days and get an update” When I’d call back, I still got told the same thing by the initial rep…”10 days”, I’d ask to escalate and for a manager and they would say “2 days”. That’s what the last person told me. It’s been 30 days, and I haven’t received an email update at all, nor have I gotten any money temporarily credited to the account and no one can tell me anything other than, it’s in process and being researched. You will receive update in 10 days. Oh yea, and the “special team” they kept telling me was investigating the issue…could I call them? No. Could I email them directly? No. Can I be transferred to speak with someone on that team? No. No No. Does the team exist? Who knows. Meanwhile my money is in limbo in the ether. I’m considering legal action.

  6. leo pollock says:

    I have been trying to activate my card for about a week now, but not to worry I’m retired now so I have all the fucking time in the world

  7. Tom says:

    I completely agree… I have spent over 5 hours on hold today and still no resolution to my problem. This isnt the first time this has happened. Im out of town working they cancelled my card to send me a new one, after I told them situation, then told me they could send it to me and I should call back when I get home. $2.75 cents to my name. Had to call my employer to get the money just to get home. Not What I would call customer service by any means and they treat you like they are doing you a favor while they screw you over. You’ve been warned.

  8. Cindi Brinlee says:

    There are some unusal amounts taken out of my card. I need some help finding out who usuing my card.

  9. Cindi Brinlee says:

    There are some unusal amounts taken out of my card. I need some help finding out who usuing my card. I can not get any help!!!!

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