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This website is NOT in anyway affiliated with Bluebird Card or American Express Travel Related Services Company or Walmart. If you are looking for the Bluebird Card official website, you can find it by clicking here.

This website was created to help Bluebird card holders find information they are looking for. Our goal is to help ease user frustration by assisting card holders in finding answers to their questions. If you have any questions specific to your Bluebird card, please contact American Express Bluebird Customer Service directly. Please DO NOT email any confidential information to us as we are unable to help.

If you have questions specific to our website, contact us at

7 comments on “Contact Us
  1. Joel BEASLEY says:

    Does my temporary bluebird card have a routing number???I bought it so I can make a car payment and it does me no good without a routing number…

  2. rainell white shirt says:

    I was unable to complete the registration of my card online. I have tried to complete this process several times and get the response that I have exceeded my time limit by trying to finish this process.

  3. rainell white shirt says:

    The customer service recording says the computer is unavailable and to call back later. Well, I have done this only to get the same recording after I give my account number. What can I do?

  4. AHMAD says:

    Hi i buy blue bird card but i can’t register it because i dont have social security number because i am in vecation i need the card to fasilate recharge my phone what can i do ?

  5. Sarah Tate says:

    Good day. I just want to ask regarding my bluebird application. I register online but there is a little problem. The problem is they were asking for my social security number. But i don’t have any social security number. I could only get one if my petition for permanent residence will be approved. I just recently lived here in states. I came from Philippines. Is there anyway i can register without the ssn. Or i have to provide passport or any identification info about me.

  6. Judy Pedroza says:

    I am very pleased with your service. I switched my banking services to Bluebird. I was nervous about the change. However, so far it has been wonderful. I have paid bills which was extremely easy to follow. I just got my first direct deposit. it went smoothly, now I’m ready to add my other account. Thank you for such excellent service.

  7. Judy Pedroza says:

    Well unfortunately your customer service is handled out of the United States. The service has been unsatisfactory. In addition, to having a difficult time understanding their communication, they are very limited in being able to help you. I have asked to talk to a supervisor, and they leave you on hold for a long time and then they finally hang up on you,. I have an issue now and I am extremely upset of how it is being handled. I would not recommend your company because of the poor customer service.

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