What is the Bluebird daily withdrawal limit?

Do you currently have the Bluebird Card by American Express and Walmart and are not sure how much money you can withdraw at any given time? We have the Bluebird daily withdrawal limit information for you below.

The two images below will walk you through the cash limits under the Bluebird Card.

"Bluebird Daily Limits"


"Bluebird daily withdrawal Limits"

In addition to the daily limits, you have to be aware of the fees that come with transactions. The Bluebird card does not come with the fees that checking accounts do have today. That’s because you don’t pay any monthly fees or overdraft fees. You also enjoy free direct deposit and bill pay as part of the service. However, there are certain transactions that will incur fees. Visit American Express to get the complete fee schedule by clicking here.

Here is a quick video on the other great benefits of having a Bluebird Account.