American Express Serve Customer Service Number

"American Express Serve Customer Service"

This post is about the American Express Serve Customer Service Phone Number. If you have the Serve prepaid card from American Express and are trying to reach customer service, we can help. We are going to provide the customer service call number for the following American Express Serve cards: Amex Serve Card Serve FREE Reloads Card Cash Back Card This

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How to Check Bluebird Balance

"How to check bluebird card balance by phone"

If you have an American Express Bluebird card and would like to check the balance, we will walk you through the process. If you have a temporary card, you can check the balance on the card by following the instructions below. However, once you spend the initial balance you load on the card, you cannot use the card until you get

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Bluebird Direct Deposit Time

"Bluebird Direct Deposit Problems and Delays"

Of all the many great features that come with the American Express Bluebird card, the Direct Deposit feature is probably one of the main reasons users are drawn to this card. One of the questions we most often get from our readers has to do with the Bluebird direct deposit time. In this post, we will explain how the direct

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American Express Bluebird Dispute Process

"American Express Bluebird Dispute Process"

If you have a transaction on your Bluebird card you did not make or authorize, or if a transaction has been posted to your account for the wrong amount, you should contact the Bluebird Dispute Resolution Department. However, the feedback we have received from our readers is that the Bluebird dispute process is confusing and long. In this post, we

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