www.bluebird.com Account Login

The Bluebird American Express card is one of the most popular prepaid cards around. Account login is also very easy and can be done in two ways:

First, you can login into your Bluebird Account via the website. You will have to register your card and verify your email address before you will be allowed to view your account information online. If you have not received your personalized Bluebird Card, you should call customer service to check the status. If you have received your personalized card and have activated it and confirmed your email address, then you are ready to login online. Click here to log into your Bluebird Account. Click on the “Register Your Card” link to get started. If you already have an account, then click on “Log in” as shown in the image below.

"Bluebird Account Login"

The other way to log into your Bluebird Account is via phone, using the Bluebird App. You can download the app in the app store if you have an iphone/ipad or the Google Play Store if you have an android phone.

If you are having problems with login into your account, please tell us below in the comments section. You should also call customer service to find out why you cannot login.




  • Stormie Fivecoate

    I got my new bluebird card and I can’t activate or login. I need help asap. My dad trying to transfer money to my card from states away, for me for gas that I’m strated

  • Tracy Wright

    I purchased a bluebird card and could not activate
    Customer Service is only a machine.
    This is bullshit

  • Daniel Kozen

    my bluebird card works flawlessly i love it